3 Most Popular Ways to Style Your Stair Flooring

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3 Most Popular Ways to Style Your Stair Flooring

stair flooring styles

The most popular stair flooring styles are popular for a number of practical and aesthetic reasons. In the UK, full carpet is still the most widely used stair flooring, followed by wooden flooring and then by carpet runners. Each one have their own benefits, so it’s just a matter of choosing which one is the best option for your house and your needs.

Fully Carpeted Stairs

Having the staircase fully fitted with carpet seems to be the best option for most homeowners in UK, and why not? It’s perfect for families that have high foot traffic in their stairs.

There are a lot of options for material and style, which gives homeowners the freedom to choose from a myriad of style options. They can go for bold patterns or just plain neutral colours depending on how they want to style the whole space. Some materials such as sisal or coir can withstand high level of foot traffic and wear. Thick carpets can also help to reduce noise.

One thing that puts off some homeowners about carpet is that it can be a trip hazard if it is not fitted properly. It can also be a chore to clean it up, as most materials are prone to stains. However, there are a lot of options for you depending on what you need for your house. Click here to see a completed project

Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs look very sophisticated and elegant. They are easy to clean, durable and wear resistant. There are also wide options on how to finish wooden stair flooring for those who want bolder designs but want to keep the wooden stairs.

Some drawbacks of wooden stairs include slipperiness compared to carpeted stairs, so if you have young children or older people in the house, you may want to stick with carpets. They can also be a bit noisier as carpets serve as noise reducers.

Stairs with Carpet Runners

A good and classic option that gives you both the sophistication of wooden floors and the practical benefits of carpets is having carpet runners. Depending on the style you chose, carpet runners can create an illusion that makes your house look grander and your staircase look longer. You just have to make sure your carpet runner matches the general décor of the home and the colour of the wooden stairs underneath. Click here to see a completed project

Once you’ve decided which option is the best for you, contact us at 0203 115 1073 and we’ll help you fit your carpet or carpet runners or put on new flooring for your stairs. Our interior design experts will provide you with everything you need to realise your dreams of modern home decor.

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