5 Trending Fitted Wardrobe Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

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5 Trending Fitted Wardrobe Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

fitted wardrobe

Over 70% of people believe that their home doesn’t have enough space available to store their belongings. Storage space is a premium for most bedrooms, so it’s vital to find a solution that helps alleviate this problem.

A fitted wardrobe is great for this because it fits inside an unused nook and offers you ample extra space to store anything you desire.

If you’re worried that a wardrobe wouldn’t look right in your bedroom, keep reading.

We’ll show you the versatility of these wardrobe designs!

1. Wallpaper Coverings

Instead of choosing a single colour for your wardrobe, why not cover the doors with a matching wallpaper? It’ll ensure that any wardrobe you install will always match your current interior design.

What’s even better is that it’s easy to change the look of the wardrobe whenever you feel like having a new design.

2. Glass Doors

If you think that a fitted wardrobe will only end up making your bedroom feel even smaller, then glass doors are the way to go. They keep that open feeling without crowding you while still giving you lots of extra space.

Adding glass doors to your bedroom gives an instant sense of elegance that you can’t quite get with any other material.

3. Creating Contrast

Sometimes we can’t find the exact colour or design that we want out of our fitted wardrobe. This means we have to settle on something that doesn’t fit with the rest of the bedroom, but not all is lost.

When this happens, try to pick a colour that creates contrast in your bedroom design. Adding an opposing colour or texture makes for an interesting display that brings in excitement.

4. Functional Doors

We often think about the aesthetics of those tall doors that make up a fitted wardrobe. The problem is that those doors offer a lot of vertical space that goes unused.

To add even more space to your bedroom, turn those doors into something functional. A large corkboard works well to help you plan out your day and lets you decorate with personal photographs and mementoes.

Finding you need even more space? Hook on some hanging pouches or drill in some boards with raised edges to use the door as extra storage.

5. Hidden Features

Wardrobes don’t have to only store away your belongings. It’s also a great place to add in some hidden features that disappear when you no longer need them.

For instance, install a small and foldable vanity table. It’s the perfect way to save space while still having the luxury of getting ready in the morning without bumping into everything.

These days, there are a lot of different hideaway furniture pieces that work well in a small home. From a hidden office desk to a sewing station, the possibilities are endless.

Bring a New Sense of Luxury to Your Home With a Fitted Wardrobe

A fitted wardrobe offers a lot of invaluable storage space to any home, big or small. The best part about them is that with the above ideas, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to find the wardrobe that looks best with your decor.

Stop trying to hide them and make them a part of the design instead.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our beautiful fitted wardrobes to find the perfect match!

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