My Builder Can Fit My Flooring

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My Builder Can Fit My Flooring

Yes, they could, but all too often we’re called in either to put things right or produce a report for legal purposes when things go wrong.

Primarily, failure of ‘wooden’ floor coverings, engineered, veneered, solid (or even for that matter, luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT’s) tend to stem from poor installation.

Invariably by not having allowed for the correct expansion gap, not acclimatising the floor covering or more critically carrying out a Damp Test to a solid floor or when an underfloor heating system is in the equation. Understanding and setting the right procedures is vital to prevent problems occurring.

Here at Julian Interiors we use a detailed tick list ensuring that stringent parameters are met so our product and installation warranties are always be iron-clad… or you could get your builder to do it.

The devil is always in the detail. Call us, let’s talk and we’ll save you a lot of grief later on.

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