Make the most out of your bedroom space with fitted wardrobes. They are not only spacious, but offers superior style and function to any room.

Freestanding wardrobes and cabinets that come in traditional set sizes leave unused space at the sides, above, and behind. These spaces are not fully maximised, and are, therefore, wasted. If you want to use up all space in your bedroom and convert them to functional storage for your clothes, books, collection, accessories, and other personal items, bespoke fitted wardrobes are your best choice.

Julian Hurst Interiors offers superb range of precision-made wardrobes that are constructed with impressive mix of homely design feel to meet any home interior challenge, giving an endless range of style options.

What is a Fitted Wardrobe?

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are designed to cover one end of the wall to the other, and from floor to ceiling, providing superior amount of space that can store and protect all types of your personal belongings, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, watches, and so much more.

Fitted wardrobes are custom made and often designed according to the overall look of your room. Their materials, colours, and style normally match the room walls (or wallpaper), bed, and other furniture. Fitted wardrobes are the perfect choice for homeowners who value space and own tons of personal belongings that they want to organise and store without destroying the look of their bedroom’s interior.

If you are thinking about having fitted wardrobes at home, our expert interior designers and specialists in Julian Hurst Interiors are available to discuss the design of your own wardrobe or how a fitted wardrobe could benefit you.

Why Get Fitted Wardrobes from Julian Hurst?

Fitted wardrobes are not only about style and look. More importantly, they offer 100% more storage space to any room in your house. If you are thinking twice whether or not to get a bespoke fitted wardrobe at your home, here are just some of the advantages of getting fitted wardrobes from Julian Hurst Interiors.

  • Fitted wardrobes turn unused space into functional storage area. Freestanding closet and cabinets leave a lot of unused space at the top, bottom, sides, and behind, which makes them unable to maximise the storage space they offer. Having fitted wardrobes installed in your bedroom means every last inch is functionally utilised from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.
  • Our customised and personalised fitted wardrobes are designed to fit even the most uniquely shaped rooms. Our clever wardrobe design offers hanging and shelving storage areas that can accommodate any type of clothing, accessory or personal belonging of various shapes and sizes. Our designers will work with you closely, so you can tell us how big you want your shelves are and how wide you need the storage divisions to be.
  • Not only can fitted wardrobes amazingly maximise the area of your bedroom, they can also prevent dust that normally accumulates on the roof and floor of freestanding cabinets. They also offer protection from your most beloved personal belongings. Finally, a bespoke fitted wardrobe can be the height of glamour in your sophisticated bedroom.

Custom fitted wardrobes are not only for elegant hotels or large houses now. You can get the same sense of style and opulence in your bedroom by hiring Julian Hurst Interiors to create and design fitted wardrobes that perfectly match the overall look of your room interior.

As a proud appointed UK distributor for Geha, we offer total freedom to create a customised room that fits in perfectly with the way you live your life: with multi-functional solutions, perfection won’t be far away.

Our superb range of precision made wardrobes provide an impressive mix of homely design to meet any challenge, giving an endless range of style options.

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As a leader defining aesthetics and style of wardrobes in the UK, we can’t wait to show what’s possible when you work with our experts. From bespoke furniture, custom storage, and more, choose us for your next project.

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