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The Aesthetic Importance of Curtains in a Room

Curtains in the home have both practical and aesthetic benefits. Practical benefits include regulation of sunlight, insulation from the heat and cold, privacy at night and protection from dust from outside.

Curtains have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. It can define the general theme and ambiance of a room, which is why it is important to find the perfect curtain for your space.


1. Curtains add charm and romance to a small room.

Sheer thin fabrics of earthy tones or pastel colours can make a room more romantic. The flow of the fabric adds drama to the room, while the sheer or lacy fabrics allows for a romantic dim but inviting lighting in a dining room or bedroom. The earthy colours or pastel colours work to add warmth to the space.


2. Curtains bring boldness to a plain room.

Use a curtain that has a stark contrast to the rest of the room and you’ll have yourself a bold statement. For instance, in an all-white room the use a heavy dark coloured, floor to ceiling, curtains balance out the lightness of the room, without compromising the minimalist theme that you are going for.


3. Curtains balance out the décor and furniture.

Curtains can serve to provide balance in a furniture-heavy room. If you have big, bulky furniture in an old-fashioned living room, light breezy curtains bring lightness and a soothing effect to the space. Opting for a light-coloured curtain if the room is already looking too heavy and dark is a simple, yet elegant solution.


4. Curtains make a small room look bigger.

By simply putting your curtain several inches above the window frame can make your ceiling look higher. Try putting in curtains which are longer than the window to create an illusion of height and width to achieve that more ‘spacious’ look or use stripe patterns vertically.


5. Curtains can enhance the elegance of any room.

Depending on the material, colour and design of your curtains, your room can instantly become more elegant just by adding the appropriate set of curtains. Opting for elegant fabrics such as silk or velvet is a simple way to enhance the rooms level of sophistication.


Of course, whether the curtains elicit the look and feel that you have in mind depends on the type of curtains that you put up. The choice of fabric, it’s length, thickness and pattern all make a huge difference to the space. Contact us to schedule a consultation, we’ll help you find and fit the perfect curtain for your home.

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