3 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Home

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3 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Home

Because of the myriad of options and combinations of curtains our there, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which curtains to go for. After all, curtains have the power to make or break a house’s design and they have an immense impact on your experience and comfort in that room. Here are five important things to consider when you’re making a decision on which curtains to choose:

1. Your Style

You have a personal style that you want to be reflected in each room in your house, so before deciding, define your personal style and how you want your room to look like. Do you want a cosy and romantic look? Or do you opt for lavishness and grandiosity? Or do you always go for minimalistic elegance?

Whatever your style is, make sure your choice is reflective of your personality and aesthetic preferences.

2. The Room

You’re choosing the curtains to fit the room and not the other way around, so always consider the colour and style of the room that you are decorating. Make sure to choose colours that either match or compliment the room’s existing décor and colour scheme. If your wall patterns are already too loud, try going for neutral shades of curtains. If the room is too plain, and you want to add excitement you can go for vibrant coloured curtains with lively patterns.

3. The Purpose

Why are you putting up certain styles of curtains in your room? Your purpose is another factor when choosing the right curtains.

For Privacy

Adding curtains to your home or room is not just about the aesthetic aspect. Curtains serve a lot of different purpose. If you’re getting curtains to increase your home’s privacy, then you steer clear from sheer and see-through curtains.

For Upkeep

If you want to add style to the room but you’re not too keen about the upkeep, avoid fabrics that are too thick and colours that gather too much dust and stains. Also opt for shorter length, as the ends of full-length curtains tend to collect dust.

For Noise Reduction

For noise reduction purposes, curtains with thick fabrics and linings can serve to soundproof the room.

Lighting Purposes

If you want curtains for your room so you can have quality sleep even during the day time, choose black-out curtains to keep the lights out. To maximize natural light in your living room, go for shorter sheer or thin curtains.

For Insulation

Blackout curtains that are usually made of heavy polyester or thermaweave also serve to insulate the room from extreme heat or cold. So, bear this in mind if you also consider insulation as one of your curtains’ purposes.

Consider the material, length and the lining of your curtains if they all serve your curtain’s intended purpose.

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